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The IR-D – Infrared Dual camera system - assists container glass and tableware manufacturers to improve their glass forming process capabilities. This results in better product quality and increased efficiency.

The innovative solution is suitable for all forming processes (Blow & Blow, Press & Blow and NNPB) and for round and non-round ware in each glass colour.

operating principle

Immediately after the forming of the glass product the IR-D detects the intensity of infrared radiation emitted by the hot containers. The measured intensity is translated into essential information about the status of the glass forming process and makes accurate defect inspection possible, already in the Hot End.

The IR-D rejects glass products with critical defects before these enter into the annealing lehr. The real-time process information is related to each cavity which helps the operator to take the right remedial actions.

The IR-D enables access for any user in the company’s network to review the status of the forming process and the quality of the glass products.

open data interface

XPAR Vision enables open data connections to standard and proprietary Production Information Systems to present and correlate real time hot end information with other production data from furnace, feeder, Cold End inspection and laboratory systems.

Uniquely XPAR Vision teams with major IS-machine manufacturers to provide closed loop interfaces with IS-timing systems for automatic Ware Spacing and Glass Distribution control.


Accurate inspection of critical defects

  • Thin bottom
  • Bird swing
  • Inclusions
  • Shape
  • Verticality
  • Fins
  • Wedged bottom
  • Choked necks
  • Thin neck
  • Thin spots (sidewall)
  • Hot spots
  • Stuck ware
  • Fallen ware
  • Diameter
  • Ovality
  • Container position on belt

Real time cavity related information about the forming process

  • Glass quality
  • Gob condition
  • Gob loading
  • Mould condition
  • IS timing setup
  • Cooling
  • Section performance
  • Swabbing disturbance
  • Job Change
  • Ware spacing
  • Ware positioning

Special functions:

  • Critical defect detection to activate special actions
  • Operator Assistance by root cause indication
  • All image storage for full traceability (short and long term)
  • ‘Real-inspect’- sample images for verification of optimized setup and customer audits.