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The BlankRobot presents a revolutionary concept of automating multiple tasks at the blank side. Besides automatic blank and neck ring swabbing the BlankRobot delivers automatic delivery adjustment and in-section diagnoses.

This is made possible by extremely precise swabbing with a new patented lubricant leading to a swabbing interval of more than 3 hours.

Ultra-low frequency swabbing results in minimized impact to the forming process, to less lubricant consumption, less pollution and increased health and safety. The concept is based on the exclusive partnership between XPAR Vision and LubriGlass GmbH. This innovative solution is suitable for all forming processes (Blow & Blow, Press & Blow and NNPB) and for round and non-round ware in each glass colour.

operating principle

The BlankRobot automatically swabs blank moulds and neck rings by applying the special LubriGlass lubricant in an extremely precise way. The specific properties of the lubricant allows to extend the swabbing interval to more than 3 hours. Consequently the consumption of lubricant is minimized to less than 2% of the amount needed for manual swabbing. 

The BlankRobot operates autonomously by a predefined program. It communicates with all IS-Machine models and is combined with the IR-D system which observes and if needed rejects any impacted containers after the swab operation. In between the 3 hours swabbing cycle the BlankRobot is able to do more automated tasks: automatic adjustment and alignment of gob delivery components (e.g. deflector) and in-section diagnoses are added functionalities.

open data interface

XPAR Vision enables open data connections to standard and proprietary Production Information Systems to present and correlate real time hot end information with other production data from furnace, feeder, Cold End inspection and laboratory systems. Uniquely XPAR Vision teams with other suppliers to ensure communication with IS-timing commands.

technical characteristics:

  • The BlankRobot incorporates reliable Fanuc robot
  • Section-by-section transport along a stable rail-carriage construction
  • BlankRobot is protected by unique carriage housing
  • Close range sensors stops movement instantly to avoid contact with any person for human safety
  • The BlankRobot user interface is provided on touch-screen tablet format
  • Reliability and serviceability for maximized uptime


  • Extremely precise application of lubricant
  • Ultra-low frequency swabbing – more than 3 hours
  • Increased health and safety for man and machine
  • Clean machine (minimal lubricant consumption)
  • No exposure for personnel to hazardous fumes and smokes
  • Multi gob support
  • Multi product support
  • All glass colours
  • Round and non-round ware
  • Blow-Blow process support
  • Press-Blow process support
  • Wide Mouth Press & Blow process support
  • NNPB process support