Thai Glass Industries (TGI), container glass manufacturing subsidiary of Berli Jucker in Thailand, and XPAR Vision from the Netherlands, join forces in a strategic partnership, providing leading Hot End sensor technology to the global container glass industry. The partnership is the crown on the co-operation, which started two years ago.

The collaboration of the two companies began with an extensive trial with the XPAR Vision InfraRed Dual (IR-D) camera. The trial was executed at the TMG production facility at Saraburi. With the IR-D camera system all bottles are inspected in real time, to detect critical defects. Rejected bottles are removed immediately, still in the hot end phase. Process information on cavity levels allows any operator to act quickly on any form of process deviation. Once the trial was evaluated positively, it was followed by another trial, this time with the XPAR Vision Infrared Gob weight Control system (ICG), that automatically keeps the weights of gobs on a constant level.

Better performance

Mr. Somporn, Vice President Operations at Saraburi explains: “Implementing Hot End technology allows us to take a very important step, to control our forming process performance on the highest possible level. This is a necessity, to reach better performance in both efficiency and product quality, in order to meet increasing customer demands.”

Long experience

Mr. Boonsak, Senior Vice president Operations at TGI adds: “We choose XPAR Vision as our partner, for their long experience in developing and implementing Hot End sensor technologies and their irrevocable commitment to assist us starting using these technologies. Having a nice system is one thing, making good use of that system is another thing. During the last few years XPAR Vision has shown dedication to our success.”

Leading position

As part of the strategic partnership, throughout the coming years more systems will be introduced at Saraburi factory. “It is our dedication to maintain to be the leading container glass manufacturer in South East Asia. Therefore we simply need this type of technology”, Mr. Boonsak concludes.

Proud partner

“We are proud that Thai Glass Industries, being a leading container glass manufacturer in Thailand, has chosen our InfraRed technology to be the standard” says Paul Schreuders, CEO of XPAR Vision. “With their commitment we start to have a real base here in South East Asia. Together we can optimize the glass production process, in order to realize maximum quality glass containers, with minimum quantity of raw materials, energy and CO2 emission.”