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The GobMonitor assists container glass and tableware manufacturers to increase their glass forming process capabilities by monitoring gob forming related parameters. From these variables temperature changes can be observed and the weight of the gob is derived, which is controlled automatically.

This solution is suitable for all forming processes (Blow & Blow, Press & Blow and NNPB) and for round and non-round ware in each glass colour. GobMonitor can be used as a stand-alone system or in combination with other XPAR Vision Hot End systems.

GobMonitor: two sensors in one box
GobMonitor: two sensors in one box

operating principle

Immediately after the gob cut XPAR Vision’s GobMonitor, a dual camera unit, takes a 3D image of the individual gobs. Through the smart application of multi view vision a high level of measurement accuracy is achieved. The 3D images of all gobs are processed in real time and the image analysis calculates the following parameters of the gob: length, volume, shape and tilt (gob orientation in X-/Y-direction). From these variables the weight of the gob is derived and these also indicates temperature changes.  

Displayed in trend graphs on the user interface and stored in an SQL database for analyses, the GobMonitor generates real time and trend information. It alarms the forming and/or furnace department for changes in glass condition, like e.g. weight and shape and also indicates wear of the sheer mechanism.

open data interface

XPAR Vision enables open data connections to standard and proprietary Production Information Systems to present and correlate real time hot end information in combination with other production data from furnace, feeder, Cold End inspection and laboratory systems. Uniquely XPAR Vision teams with other suppliers to provide sensor data for closed loop controls. E.g. the GobMonitor data integration of gob weight control and 9-grid forehearth temperature control.

technical / characteristics

  • The GobMonitor consists of two high resolution optical sensors in one physical box
  • The GobMonitor is simple, robust and easy to install. The GobMonitor sensors are heat-protected and cooled by closed circuit cooling.
  • Centralized & networked computer architecture
  • Reliability and serviceability for maximized uptime
  • Open interface with production information systems
  • XPAR SQL-Database open database structure to support automatic closed loops.


  • Accurate gob shape information (e.g. length, volume and angle information)
  • Gob inspection
  • Gob forming process monitoring
  • Automated Gobweight control – deviation < 0,2%
  • Multi product support
  • Applicable for all glass colours
  • Blow-Blow process support
  • Press-Blow process support
  • Wide Mouth Press & Blow process support
  • NNPB process support
  • Tube and Needle control
Example of a user interface
Example of a user interface