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BoX is a software platform that connects the BOTTERO Timing System on the IS-machine and the XPAR Vision InfraRed Dual camera system. BoX enables automatic pusher steering and IS-timing adjustments. With BoX ware spacing and glass distribution are in full control.

BoX delivers :

  • Control on the forming process
  • Consistency in product quality
  • Less operator development
  • Cruise control for the IS Machine

Ware Spacing module

By using the continuous XPAR Vision IR-D measurements of the distance between the containers on the conveyor belt, BoX identifies the sections requiring adjustment and, through this, regulates the pusher settings to the Bottero Timing System.

  • Less stuck ware or fallen ware
  • Less coating hood jams
  • Faster job changes

Vertical Glass Distribution module

BoX continuously collects the measurements of the vertical glass distribution of each container measured by the XPAR Vision IR-D and identifies the required settings in the Bottero Timing System. BoX determines necessary adjustments of the settings where and when needed.

  • Stable forming of all glass containers
  • Increased efficiency
  • Less critical defects
  • Faster job changes
BoX optimization by automation